Visiting PhD candidate Erasmus Student - Summer 2019

Negin Fathinejad is a PhD student who visited from the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, Italy, and stayed at our group under the Erasmus+ program in Summer 2019 working on her doctoral thesis under the supervision of Prof. Menapace.

"I am doing my PhD in Agricultural economics and food market at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio (UNICAS) in Italy and my interest is in agriculture and food market regulations. I got to know Prof. Menapace from ISP 2017 program in Bozen and I really liked to have an opportunity to work with her. Finally I am here at TUM as a visiting researcher, working on the issue of global brand food products with dual quality in EU, under her supervision.

It is a great experience working with prof. Menapace and her colleagues at the professorship of "Governance in International Agribusiness". Getting familiar with their research area, methodology, projects and exchanging opinion with them helped me to add some value to my profession. In addition, learning about other cultures beside of the scientific life brings some joy to life and helps to look at the world wiser."

Visiting Erasmus Student - Master Thesis Summer 2018

Esther Salvi is a Master’s student who visited from the University of Milan and conducted an Erasmus Semester (Summer 2018) at our group during which she worked on her Master’s thesis.

Ms. Salvi works on Environmental and Nutritional Sustainability. She is doing research on the German consumer perspective for a more sustainable diet which partially or totally substitutes meat with beans/vegetables. Her research is part of a bigger project comparing German and Italian consumers.

Visiting PostDoc - Dr. Luciana Florêncio de Almeida - Winter 2018

Dr. de Almeida is a visiting researcher from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, Brazil (Winter 2018)

She conducted a research project investigating how restaurants (with a focus on local/natural/authentic food) build business relationships with food suppliers of natural/organic/regional food.

Visiting Master Students from University of Cassino (Italy) / October - December 2015

Sara Notarianni and Gioia Perna will be working on their master thesis under the supervision of Prof. Menapace.

Sara Notarianni: "I am writing a thesis in agricultural economics about unfair trade practices and their regulation. My aim is try to define a link between unfair trade practices and risk sharing along the agri-food supply chain.

For these reasons I would like to enhance the content of my thesis at TUM. I am sure working with Professor Menapace and her staff will allow me to investigate deeply the content of my work.

It will be a great experience that will increase my professional background."



Gioia Perna - Master Thesis working title: "The risk management in the agri-food supply chain"

I am attending the Master course of Global Economy and Business at the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio in Italy and my research topic is production theory under uncertainty, with a focus on suplier-retail relationship along the agri-food supply chain. The objective of my research is how risk is affecting contractual arrangements and how retailers are shifting risk to suppliers.

Working with the Governance in International Agribusiness Group will be a great chance to improve my knowledge studying new research methods that will be very useful not only for my master thesis but also for my future career.

Visiting Scholar from University of Palermo, Italy / March - September 2014

Domenico Farruggia focuses on the analysis of Italy’s competitiveness in the international market for small fruits and wines.  Key questions are whether the food production in the western Sicilian area can be diversified by cultivating small fruits, and what are potential strategies for cooperation between production companies in Sicily. In addition, he worked on the evaluation of the impact of the new Common Organization of the Wine Market (CMO) on the Italian wine industry. In particular, he studied the determinants that affect the export propensity of wineries. Furthermore, he analyzed the macro- economic determinants of the value of agricultural land in Italy and dealt with issues related to the Euro-Mediterranean policy with particular reference to the quantification of the Agri-Food Trade intensity among countries of the Mediterranean Basin.

Mr. Farruggia (1984) obtained a level 1 degree in Agricultural Science and Technology (University of Palermo, Italy) and an advanced degree in Agricultural Science and Technology with a focus on vegetable production systems. Since 2011, he is a PhD student in Agricultural Economics and Policy at the Department of Agricultural and Forest Sciences (University of Palermo, Italy) and was a visiting researcher at TU München, WZW Freising-Weihenstephan, to complete his PhD-Thesis under the supervision of Prof. Menapace.